Tuition Rates effective August 1, 2016.

  • Registration Fee (annual) $60.00
  • Supply Fee (annual) $60.00


  • One Child under the age of 3: $175.00
  • One Child over the age of 3: $150.00
  • Two Children under the age of 3: $342.00
  • One Child under age of 3 & one Child over age of 3: $318.00
  • Two Children over the age of 3: $293.00



  • Late tuition payment fee: $25.00
  • N.S.F. Service fee: $30.00
  • TPick up Child late fee (PER CHILD EVERY 10 MINUTES): $25.00
  • Key Card Deposit: $15.00


Tuition is due on Monday of each week prior to attendance. Payments made after Tuesday will automatically be assessed a $25.00 late payment fee and be considered delinquent. If a child is absent on Monday, tuition is due prior to attendance.
There will be no pro-rated fees for days missed during a week due to illness, vacations, and holidays falling within the week.

Our center reserves the right to refuse attendance to children whose parents become delinquent in payment of their fees until all fees are paid in full. Unpaid balances will be subject to collection by attorney or collection agency. Parents will be responsible for all costs incurred in collecting delinquent fees.

Parents are asked to pick up their children from the center no later than 6:00pm. A late pick up fee will be charged to your account in the amount of $25.00 starting at 6:00pm and for every ten (10) minutes the child remains at the center after the 6:00pm closing.

A payment box is located in the Child Center lobby for your convenience. Please use the tuition payment envelopes provided, clearly writing in the information requested. If payment is a combination of fees (example: registration, tuition, field trip), please specify the individual amount for each fee being paid.

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