We do not want to merely be a childcare center, but an extension of your family. The lines of communication must remain open between parent and center to provide the best possible care.

2-year-oldsTwo year olds are developing at a rapid pace. Growth in this area can be seen in the rapid acquisition of speech, self-help skills and establishing their own identities.

Their vocabulary is enhanced through stories, songs, nursery rhymes, finger plays and color recognition.

Goals in the self-help area include buttoning, zipping and toilet training.

Fine motor skills include stringing beads, puzzles and working with a variety of manipulatives.

Gross motor skills include tumbling, climbing, running, jumping, and simple movement to music and play in the learning centers.

We introduce toys and games that enable them to “do” rather than merely observe.

To aid in the development of a positive self-esteem, children are encouraged to make choices whenever possible and explore their interests and capabilities.

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