Discipline problems are avoided whenever possible by the following techniques:

  1. A well organized room
  2. A well organized routine
  3. Offering a wide variety of prepared activities.

When a teacher must intervene, the following procedures are followed:

  1. Each child is given an explanation of why an adult is entering the situation.
  2. Children are encouraged to express feelings, even if negative, but in words only.
  3. If directions are given, they will be clear, simple, positive, specific, firm and polite.
  4. If possible, the child is directed to another activity.
  5. The child is removed from the group. The appropriate “time out” is one minute for each year of the child’s age and it is in the classroom.
  6. “Time out” in another class or with the Director.
  7. The parent agrees to work with the Center to restore any disciplinary problems.
  8. As a last resort, a student will be asked to leave the center.

No child is humiliated or subject to discipline that deprives him or her of rest, food or rest room breaks. Spanking is not allowed or tolerated in our center!


Unfortunately, children do act out and biting is a way of expression for them. The following procedures will take place when a child TWO and older expresses biting behavior:

  • First Warning: Temporary isolation from other children
  • Second Warning: Expulsion from our Center (one week)
  • Third Warning: Permanent expulsion from our Center

Parents will be notified in writing or phone if a child receives a warning and the consequences of each incident.