We do not want to merely be a childcare center, but an extension of your family. The lines of communication must remain open between parent and center to provide the best possible care.

4-5-year-oldsThis age group is characterized as imaginative, enthusiastic and adventurous. Pre-academic work continues and is becoming more complex. The children are encouraged to work more independently and to develop self-motivation.

Language continues to be a primary focus. The children are encouraged to increase their vocabulary as well as language comprehension. The children will learn their parent’s name, phone number and address. Recognition of letters, numbers and colors is continuous.

Reading and writing skills can often be seen and are encouraged. Fill-in-the-blank stories, child dictated stories and language games are used to enhance learning. Phonic awareness will be a major role in their daily activities.

Math skills such as serialization, sequencing, classifying, weights and measures are explored.

Dramatic play and socialization skills are enhanced through block play, house keeping, creative manipulatives and other learning centers.
Further exploration of their world continues with science and cooking activities being introduced.

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